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Fall is a great time of year for replacing your windows

Fall is a great time of year for replacing your windows

Fall is a great time of year for replacing your windows since –  in the summer – the temperatures in Texas can rise above 100+ degrees . Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Moderate outside temperature to do home improvements
    Fall brings that favorable weather with a balancing temperature of not too hot and not too cold!  You don’t have to worry about dollars flying out of the empty windows while contractors install your new windows. It still comfortable in your house without your cooling or heating units turned off.
  2. It is time to impress your guests
    The holidays are around the corner. Why not impress your guests with beautiful focal points in an updated, warm and welcoming home.
  3. Is your home cold-weather winter proof?
    By installing your windows in the fall, you can maximize home energy saving during the winter. Replacing old windows with Energy Star qualified windows can lower your home’s energy costs by 7% to 15%, according to  Look for the following signs to see if your windows need to be replaced:

    1. Do your windows open and close easily? If your windows get stuck, it is difficult to let fresh air in on the nice cool days. More problematic, the windows can let warm air out even when the windows are shut.
    2. Do you feel warm and cold spots in your home? Old and energy inefficient windows are not effective as insulators anymore; they will let cool air in in the winter.
    3. Do you have drafty windows? You can check for draft by holding a candle near the window frame to see if it flickers. Drafty windows also allow let air in during the cold season.
    4. Do you see condensation on your windows? This is considered a red flag, read more about this topic here.


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