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Why should I choose a sliding window over another window?

Why should I choose a sliding window over another window?

A sliding window can have the same advantages – energy efficient, durable, and easy to clean – as any other window style. So why would you choose this type of window. What are the features of a sliding window?

Alamo Exterior - Sliding WindowA sliding window is also called a slider or a gliding window, is a window with horizontally movable panels. These so-called “sashes” can glide smoothly in either direction. Your choice for this type of window can be based on personal taste or ease of use.

Personal taste:
A sliding window has a clean, elegant look, and therefore will fit easily in any architectural style. They are available with or without muntins to give the appearance of a divided pane.

Easiness to use:
The slider window is often placed in a difficult to reach area. This because a sliding window allows you to slide one sash of the window open with a simple push. This window is therefore also an excellent choice for people who have mobility problems or have difficulty lifting or pushing up a hung window.

Letting the outside in:
A slider window is ideal for any window opening with a width greater than the height. These windows allow for an unobstructed view and an abundance of natural light to enter into your home. The windows also allow for easy natural ventilation.

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