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Home Siding Replacement Questions and Answers

Understandably, you have questions about our products and services. Let us help by answering some on the most often asked questions we receive here at Alamo Exteriors. Find out more about our Replacement Windows and the Brands that we offer, as well as the quality of our lasting replacement home siding.

Q1. Where can I buy HardiePlank™ lap siding?

A1: Alamo Exteriors uses James Hardie® Siding exclusively for all of it’s clients remodeling needs. Call our customer service at 210.372.9495 to talk to a sales representative.

Q2. How do your prices compare to the prices of brick and vinyl?

A2: While prices vary from market to market, this is how HardiePlank™ siding compares in installed price with its competitors:

  • HardiePlank™ Siding is more expensive than Vinyl
  • HardiePlank™ Siding less expensive than Brick
  • HardiePlank™ Siding equal or less than Hardboard Siding
  • HardiePlank™ Siding is Less expensive than Synthetic Stucco

Q3. Do I have to paint HardiePlank™ siding?

A3: Yes, HardiePlank™ lap siding must be painted or you may order many James Hardie® products with ColorPlus® Technology. If painting, 100% acrylic topcoats are recommended. Do not paint when wet. For specific recommendations, please refer to JH Technical Bulletin No. S-100 or refer to paint manufacturers specifications. Back rolling is recommended if the siding is sprayed. Within 180 days for primed product and 90 days for un-primed.

Q4. What types of trim can be used with HardiePlank™ siding?

A4: The following are suitable trim products for use with HardiePlank™ siding:

  • Fiber Cement
  • Real Wood
  • Engineered Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Coated or Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum

Q5. How much does HardiePlank™ siding cost?

A5: Because every house and every need is different, Alamo Exteriors professionals do not provide a quote until after we learn of your specific needs and wants. Call Alamo Exteriors at 210. 372.9495 to get a quote on your next project.

Q6. Do you require a water-resistant barrier behind HardiePlank™ siding?

A6: James Hardie as well as the Model Building Codes (IBC, IRC, and UBC) require the use of a water-resistant barrier. It is also a good building practice.

Q7. How close to the ground can HardiePlank™ siding be installed?

A7: Model Building Codes (UBC, Standard, etc.) require that exterior sidings be installed with a minimum 6” clearance of soil. This will allow for clearance when soil is back-filled against the foundation and footings.

Q8. What type of weather-resistant barrier is required?

A8: Any weather-resistant barrier complying with the Model Building Codes (UBC, Standard, etc.) is acceptable.

Q9. Do I need to pre-drill?

A9: No. HardiePanel™ siding is not required to be pre-drilled. It nails just as easily as traditional wood products.

Q10. How much does it weigh?

A10: HardiePlank™ siding weighs around 2.3 pounds per square foot.

Thank you to all of our valued customers. We appreciate all the feedback and are so glad that we have had the opportunity to help you in keeping your home in beautiful order. Call 210.372.9495 to learn more about the services provided by Alamo Exteriors, or to find out the answer to a question that you did not find here.