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Window Replacement – How to Prepare for The Project

Window Replacement – How to Prepare for The Project

Windows Replacement PreparationFinally you will get your new windows! You have just been called by Alamo Exteriors confirming day and time of the upcoming installation. What can you do to help running the project as smoothly as possible. Here is our list with some suggestions.

  1. Be available

Our advise is to be within calling distance when the installation crew is working in your home. When our crew members are replacing the windows, they might have some questions for you to answer to accomplish the best results.

  1. Review the project

We like to walk through the house with you before starting with the installation. This is our and your chance to catch any errors we might have made in ordering the windows.  We can address additional requests or specific needs this way.

  1. Make storage space available

When our installation crew arrives, we will also deliver the windows. Depending on the size of the project – for example more than ten windows- it might take more than one day to replace all the windows. We need to put materials and windows that are not installed the same day in a secure and safe area to avoid damage. When extra space in your home is not available, you might want to rent a container to store all the items.

We also need some storage outside to temporarily store old windows before we take them away.

  1. Clear the area near the windows – inside and outside.

Our crew will work inside and outside your house. The window areas need to be easy accessible for the crew to allow the project to run smoothly.  Before the crew arrives, remove all furniture, objects and breakable valuables close to the windows. Also take down curtains, blinds, and shutters. Remove outdoor obstacles as well. Although our crew will do their very best not to step on your plants, you might want to protect vulnerable flowerbeds.

  1. Cover your furniture

Our team will protect working areas with tarps. However, taking out old windows will create dust, so consider covering couches and chairs. When the windows are installed, our crew will leave the rooms behind broom-cleaned.

  1. Deactivate your alarm

Check with your security company what to do with your alarm system the day of installation. Several solutions are available depending on your system.

  1. Protect your pets

Your home is your pet’s home. A renovation can be stressful for your pet. Maybe your pet can stay with a friend during the day of installation. Or you can lock up your pets in a safe area in your home. You want to avoid that a stressed pet escapes the turmoil by jumping through an open window.

During installation you can always ask our crew members questions or address concerns. They might come up with great suggestions.