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Home Siding – Benefits of Hardieplank Home Siding

Home Siding – Benefits of Hardieplank Home Siding

The Benefits of Hardieplank™ Home Siding from Alamo Exteriors

Example James Hardieplank™ Siding James Hardieplank™ Siding from Alamo Exteriors – is the most maintenance free siding product on the market today. Alamo Exteriors backs its worth with the strongest and most comprehensive warranty in the home siding industry.

Why has Alamo Exteriors chosen James Hardiplank™ Siding as our siding of choice? The reasons are within its benefits.

James Hardieplank™ Home Siding is:

  • Virtually maintenance-free, and comes with a 50-year limited warranty that is transferable from home owner to home owner.
  • Cost effective and competitive with other premium vinyl siding options.
  • Non-combustible and remains undamaged even in high heat weather conditions.
  • Resistant to mold.
  • Remains undamaged in severe weather conditions such as, snow; high humidity, ice, and hail.
  • Unlike wood, Hardieplank™ Home Siding won’t rot, crack, or delaminate.
  • Resistant to structure damaging insects and rodents such as termites, carpenter bees, woodpeckers and squirrels.
  • Maintains the characteristics of brick & masonry (it is 95% Portland Cement).
  • Impact resistant – flying debris will not puncture it.
  • The look, charm and warmth of natural wood.
  • Lifetime finish system that allows you to paint it when a color change is desired.
  • Available in many styles, colors & natural stains, i.e., Hardieplank™ (lap-board), Hardishingle®, & Hardipanel® (for stucco & tudor home designs).

With so much benefit gained by one of the many options available when you choose Hardieplank™ Home Siding, there is no reason to choose anything else. For your free consultation and to see samples to match to your taste, call Alamo Exteriors today, 210-342-9495.