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Replacement Windows and Window Frame Options

Replacement Windows and Window Frame Options

When considering the best choice in replacement windows San Antonio residents often consider the hot and humid South Texas climate. Homeowners have many choices when it comes to what material is used, and it is a benefit to know the benefits and disadvantage of each different type. Most manufactures are going to use essentially the same high performance double pane low e glass with argon gas filled. When looking at performance levels for a replacement window or replacement window frame, double pane glass options for most new retrofit units meet or exceed current energy star ratings. So the choice that is left is what material is best for frame construction. To help you better understand the choices available for your replacement window frames, we have gathered information regarding each different material available.

Replacement Composite Window Frames

Composite frames are manufactured with wood material and resin. This bonding process allows for a very strong window frame and yet non conductive. Advantages are a real wood veneer interior and a vinyl clad exterior. Composite frames is one of the most expensive processes in manufacturing and will be reflected in price. If cost isn’t an issue this might be the way to go when replacing windows, and the window frame.

Replacement Fiberglass Window Frames

Fiberglass window frames account for a small portion in the retrofit market. Although the concept is sound since the two most important factors are strength and non conductivity. Fiberglass frames tend to be on the high end scale as far as costs go. Some manufactures have recently started to promote this as an option primarily to compete with the composite market.

Aluminum Window Frame

Most homes come with standard issue contractor grade aluminum windows. The upside to metal is its strength. The downside is it is a good conductor of heat and cold. Replacement grade aluminum window now come with a thermo-break. This helps reduce frame conductivity while providing a very durable long lasting frame material with a low expansion- contraction ratio. You get all the benefits of metal without the conductivity. Also when looking at air infiltration ratios, a good thermally broken replacement window will also be the most air tight. This product offers a good benefit – cost ratio.

Vinyl Window Frames

Most replacement window manufactures offer vinyl windows. Production costs is why this product is so popular. The truth is that profit margins drive most renovation company’s to promote this option. Although there are some very good replacement grade vinyl windows on the market keep in mind the downside. Limited color selection, wide frame exposure, strength, high expansion- contraction ratio.

When considering new replacement windows for your home make sure you consider all your options. Cost, durability, and aesthetics should all factor into your decision. Call Alamo Exteriors at 210-372-9495 for a free no hassle educational consultation, we have been a trusted contractor for replacement windows San Antonio resident can count on. Call Today!