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Window Replacement – How to Prepare for The Project

Windows Replacement PreparationFinally you will get your new windows! You have just been called by Alamo Exteriors confirming day and time of the upcoming installation. What can you do to help running the project as smoothly as possible. Here is our list with some suggestions.

  1. Be available

Our advise is to be within calling distance when the installation crew is working in your home. When our crew members are replacing the windows, they might have some questions for you to answer to accomplish the best results.

  1. Review the project

We like to walk through the house with you before starting with the installation. This is our and your chance to catch any errors we might have made in ordering the windows.  We can address additional requests or specific needs this way.

  1. Make storage space available

When our installation crew arrives, we will also deliver the windows. Depending on the size of the project – for example more than ten windows- it might take more than one day to replace all the windows. We need to put materials and windows that are not installed the same day in a secure and safe area to avoid damage. When extra space in your home is not available, you might want to rent a container to store all the items.

We also need some storage outside to temporarily store old windows before we take them away.

  1. Clear the area near the windows – inside and outside.

Our crew will work inside and outside your house. The window areas need to be easy accessible for the crew to allow the project to run smoothly.  Before the crew arrives, remove all furniture, objects and breakable valuables close to the windows. Also take down curtains, blinds, and shutters. Remove outdoor obstacles as well. Although our crew will do their very best not to step on your plants, you might want to protect vulnerable flowerbeds.

  1. Cover your furniture

Our team will protect working areas with tarps. However, taking out old windows will create dust, so consider covering couches and chairs. When the windows are installed, our crew will leave the rooms behind broom-cleaned.

  1. Deactivate your alarm

Check with your security company what to do with your alarm system the day of installation. Several solutions are available depending on your system.

  1. Protect your pets

Your home is your pet’s home. A renovation can be stressful for your pet. Maybe your pet can stay with a friend during the day of installation. Or you can lock up your pets in a safe area in your home. You want to avoid that a stressed pet escapes the turmoil by jumping through an open window.

During installation you can always ask our crew members questions or address concerns. They might come up with great suggestions.

Fall is a great time of year for replacing your windows

Fall is a great time of year for replacing your windows since –  in the summer – the temperatures in Texas can rise above 100+ degrees . Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Moderate outside temperature to do home improvements
    Fall brings that favorable weather with a balancing temperature of not too hot and not too cold!  You don’t have to worry about dollars flying out of the empty windows while contractors install your new windows. It still comfortable in your house without your cooling or heating units turned off.
  2. It is time to impress your guests
    The holidays are around the corner. Why not impress your guests with beautiful focal points in an updated, warm and welcoming home.
  3. Is your home cold-weather winter proof?
    By installing your windows in the fall, you can maximize home energy saving during the winter. Replacing old windows with Energy Star qualified windows can lower your home’s energy costs by 7% to 15%, according to  Look for the following signs to see if your windows need to be replaced:

    1. Do your windows open and close easily? If your windows get stuck, it is difficult to let fresh air in on the nice cool days. More problematic, the windows can let warm air out even when the windows are shut.
    2. Do you feel warm and cold spots in your home? Old and energy inefficient windows are not effective as insulators anymore; they will let cool air in in the winter.
    3. Do you have drafty windows? You can check for draft by holding a candle near the window frame to see if it flickers. Drafty windows also allow let air in during the cold season.
    4. Do you see condensation on your windows? This is considered a red flag, read more about this topic here.


Alamo Exteriors offers several types of energy efficient windows. if you are considering replacement windows, contact us and we can help you to choose the right window for you, within your budget meeting your needs and your desires. Contact or call us today for a free estimate.

Why should I choose a sliding window over another window?

A sliding window can have the same advantages – energy efficient, durable, and easy to clean – as any other window style. So why would you choose this type of window. What are the features of a sliding window?

Alamo Exterior - Sliding WindowA sliding window is also called a slider or a gliding window, is a window with horizontally movable panels. These so-called “sashes” can glide smoothly in either direction. Your choice for this type of window can be based on personal taste or ease of use.

Personal taste:
A sliding window has a clean, elegant look, and therefore will fit easily in any architectural style. They are available with or without muntins to give the appearance of a divided pane.

Easiness to use:
The slider window is often placed in a difficult to reach area. This because a sliding window allows you to slide one sash of the window open with a simple push. This window is therefore also an excellent choice for people who have mobility problems or have difficulty lifting or pushing up a hung window.

Letting the outside in:
A slider window is ideal for any window opening with a width greater than the height. These windows allow for an unobstructed view and an abundance of natural light to enter into your home. The windows also allow for easy natural ventilation.

Confused of what type of window is the best suited for you?  Simply contact Alamo Exteriors. We offer free consultations to help you better understand your window options.

Which home siding product should I buy for my home renovation project?

Are you wondering which home siding product to choose for your home siding renovation project? We have some recommendations for you.

Color Plus

James Hardie Home Siding ColorPlus

James Hardie offers a pre-finished home siding product called Color Plus.

This product was first introduced several years ago primarily to compete with the vinyl siding home exteriors market and has become a popular choice for homeowners. James Hardie Home Siding Color Plus offers home owners a high quality multi layered baked on finish that ensures long term color retention.

Many contractors are moving in this direction primarily to keep costs down since the finish process can be skipped thus reducing labor costs. A downside is that you are working with a finished product in a construction environment. Also, as you take on a home exteriors project with James Hardie’s Color Plus, you need to consider the fact that with any home renovation there will usually be items not completely replaced with new siding material.

Primed Plus

The old fashion way – when renovating with fiber cement home siding – is to use the Primed Plus products then add the finish. When renovating with Primed Plus, you are able to caulk first and then add your finish. Generally the entire house including renovated areas will be coated in this process. Alamo Exteriors recommends a Sherwin Williams Duration finish. Color options are limitless and the manufacture will warranty against chipping flaking or peeling. Fading becomes a concern when using low grade coatings since paint is comprised of essentially solids and water. The more solids the better the paint will be although no paint will be 100% fade proof. Darker colors tend to show fading faster than lighter colors. Price will generally reflect quality. Elastomeric coatings are not recommended since they tend to work better on products with a high expansion contraction ratio and tend to attract dust and dirt.

When you are considering your next home exteriors renovation project, make sure you contact a qualified contractor that is willing to discuss all your options and which process works best for your home.

Contact Alamo Exteriors at 210-372-9495 for a free no hassle educational consultation.

replacement home siding

Home Improvement Projects- A Testimonial

Where to begin….the short review: My husband and I highly recommend Alamo Exteriors! They do exceptional Replacement Home Siding, work and their entire team is very easy to work with and very professional.

The details of how we found Alamo Exteriors Home Improvement Services:

We spent a lot of time trying to analyze whether to put money into our existing home or sell it and start fresh and buy a newer home. We finally decided to remodel our home. We received about 4 or 5 quotes from various home siding companies. They all had their stories to tell about what they could do for us and what it would cost us. We decided to go with Mark Belto and Alamo Exteriors. Mark explained in great detail the process by which they would install the new replacement windows, replacement siding, and our new screened-in patio.

He wasn’t the least expensive, but he wasn’t the most either. Mark was always very polite, informative, and always accessible. He even gave us his cell number and would stay in touch with us, even over holiday weekends. He came by the house regularly to check on the progress of our home improvement projects and would call us to keep us informed of the progress. He has a keen eye for detail and always made sure our requests were dealt with, and always with a sense of urgency.
In addition, all of his workers that we met were extremely polite, responsive, and easy to talk to. I was impressed by the way Mark talked to his workers as well. They all love him. He never talked down to them, but spoke with each of them as an equal when explaining what he wanted from them. They are a great team! It seemed that even with our minds made up before they began, my husband and I kept throwing little changes at them. They handled every request with grace and were very accommodating. I’ve always heard that home remodeling projects take their toll on couples but I have to say that this was the best experience I’ve ever had. They handled our home improvement projects as if it were their own. They did a magnificent job!

I would recommend them to anyone and I would use them over and over again! I can honestly say that we did not have one single “encounter” during the entire home improvement makeover. They are THE BEST!

– Debbie, San Antonio, Texas

We appreciate the feedback on our Replacement Siding Services

Thank you Debbie for your kind comments and compliments. We greatly appreciate the testimonial on our services and are so happy that we had the opportunity to work on your Home Improvement Project.

Alamo Exteriors has been servicing San Antonio and surrounding areas with their home improvement projects for years. We provide detailed and thorough services in Replacement Home Siding, Replacement Windows and Patios. If you are preparing for your next home improvement project call Alamo Exteriors for a free no hassle, no obligation quote. Call 210-372-9495!