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How Much Will My Window Replacement Cost?

As homeowners of an older home, you probably need to replace a few windows after some time. There are many reasons to replace your windows. Maybe for esthetic reasons. Or to stay comfortable in your home, avoiding cold drafts or wanting to keep the heat out.

How much will my window replacement cost?

We, therefore, often get the question, “How much will my window replacement cost?” This question seems simple but isn’t. Just Google it, and you find prices varying from $175 to $1200 per window. How does this help you to decide and feel confident you made the right decision? You might wonder why the prices differ so much? Which window should I pick for my house? Is the most expensive one always the best?

Let us guide you to the choices.

We at Alamo understand these questions because we hear them often from our clients. We also know that every homeowner wants to get an excellent deal for a great price. That’s why we offer free estimates. We will come to your home to listen to your needs within your budget. We take cost, durability, and aesthetics into the decision, and we will make it work for you. For the right price! Let us guide you through the abundance of possible choices when you consider new windows for your home. We are a trusted contractor for replacement windows for San Antonio residents over 15 years!

Give us a call, 210-372-9495! Or fill out this form when you are ready to discuss “How Much Will My Window Replacement Cost’? We will schedule an appointment and give you a customized hassle-free quote without any obligations. You will not be disappointed in us!

Alamo Exteriors -How Much Will My Window Replacement Cost?
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I would not hesitate to use Alamo Exteriors.

My house is 29 years old. It needed some attention. I was hesitant to hire someone because I wanted quality work performed. Fortunately, Mark was siding a neighborhood house. The neighbor’s referral and quality work prompted a call to Alamo Exteriors. Alamo Exteriors installed new siding, windows and painted the house. Mark’s team did a professional job bringing the house to better than new condition. Mark personally performed several jobs himself to ensure top notch quality. He also spotted & implemented small ways to improve the weatherability of the house exterior. I felt that my house was being treated like it was his own house. I’m thankful for all the work Alamo Exteriors performed. I would not hesitate to use Alamo Exteriors.

Lynn A.

Preventing Condensation on Your Windows

Condensation on Your WindowsDo you see condensation on your windows at home, especially early in the morning? Now the weather starts to cool down, it is not uncommon to see water on your windows.  There are three areas you can experience condensation: at the outside of the window, at the inside of the window, and between the glass panes of double glazing.  Let us explain every situation.

Condensation at the outside of a window.

Condensation on the outside of double-glazed windows occurs often with high efficiency windows: due to the great insulation, the inside of this window stays warm and the outside remains cold, and consequently condensation will form at the outside. This condensation is virtually impossible to avoid. However, this is fortunately NOT a problem because it is a sign of good insulation.

Condensation on the inside of the window.

This type of condensation only occurs in a single glazing window. Due to the indoor warmth, moist condenses on the cold glass pane. You can avoid this condensation by ventilating continuously. This temporary solution doesn’t prevent a high energy bill though! A more permanent, money efficient, and energy efficient solution would be to replace the windows with double-glazed windows.

Between the glass panes of double glazing

Condensation can also sit between the glass panes of the double glazing. This is caused by a leak in the glass and is often seen when the temperatures are lower: the temperature of the glass is low and moisture condenses on the cold surface. The only solution for this condensation problem is to replace the double glazing by a professional.

Do you experience condensation on your windows?

Then you will probably have recognized one of the described situations. Do you want to have more information about an affordable and aesthetic solution for your condensation problem? Don’t hesitate to call Alamo Exteriors  at (210) 372-9495 or (877) 372-9495 toll free or fill out this form.

Mark and his Alamo Exteriors’ team were great!

Mark and his team were great! They worked around our schedules and the installs were done within a few hours. He quickly responds to any questions or concerns via text or call. It was a great experience and our windows are exactly what we wanted! Alamo exteriors met our expectations and I would highly recommend them.

Jenni Colon

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More Than Just Glass – 5 Popular Window Designs

Today, it can feel overwhelming to pick that perfect window for your home! There are a lot of window designs available, and each type has its own style and functionality. Let’s help you get started by giving a short description of some of the favorite window designs our clients in the San Antonio area choose to install for their home. Of course all our windows are built with quality materials and can be delivered in a variety of colors.

Alamo Exteriors Window Types
Picture Window

A picture window is stationary and doesn’t not open. It allows for larger size windows. This window is ideal when the homeowner wants to maximize his view to the outside world.

Double-hung and Single-hung Windows

The Double-hung window consists of two operating sash panels. The top panel can be lowered, and the bottom panel can be raised. Both sashes can be locked, removed or tilted. The Single-hung window only has the bottom panel movable. Due to the panels these windows are easy to clean from the inside

Sliding Window

A sliding window allows for optimal ventilation when it is opened, and natural light to enter when it is closed. A sliding window has two panels that slide horizontally from side to side. The sash doesn’t open outward making this type of window a great choice for windows near walkways.

Casement Window

A casement window hinges on the side and cranks open to the left or the right. It allows for maximum ventilation and for easy cleaning from inside your home.

Awning Window

An awning window is hinged on the top so the window opens outward. This window allows for air to flow when open and protects against rain or leaves to enter. This window is often used in with large stationary windows.

When choosing your window , you also should take cost, durability, and aesthetics into your decision. Let Alamo Exteriors help  you review all your options when considering new replacement windows for your home.  Call Alamo Exteriors at 210-372-9495 for a free no hassle educational consultation. We have been a trusted contractor for replacement windows San Antonio resident can count on. Call Today!