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Looking for Quality Exterior Cement Siding?

Choose James Hardie’s Quality Exterior Cement Siding!

James HardieGreat article about James Hardie quality exterior cement siding! It explains thoroughly why home owners should consider this product.

Remind yourself though when you read the article to change the word” extreme cold” into “extreme heat”. This siding is developed to keep any climate outside your house!

Some of the advantages of James Hardie Quality Exterior Cement Siding, are:

  • It is energy efficient, saving you dollars on your energy bill
  • The material is long lasting, so you will hardly have maintenance or repair costs for many years to come
  • It resists extreme climates, protecting your home; it will keep the cold and the warmth out of your home
  • It resists pests, avoiding damage to your house
  • It is budget friendly
  • It is fire resistant!
Alamo Exteriors knows from experience that this siding makes your house look beautiful. On top of all the described advantages, James Hardie’s quality exterior cement siding will add esthetic and economic value to your home here in San Antonio .

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James Hardie’s Quality Exterior Siding

Signs That Your Need To Replace Your Windows – Painting and Repair Are Impossible

When windows replacement is a more cost-effective solution than repair

Your windows are drafty, the wood is rotting,  and the paint is cracked or peeling! It might be time to get new, energy saving vinyl replacement windows.

Alamo Exteriors knows that selecting new vinyl replacement windows can be a difficult process for house owners: you might get lost in all the information that is available. At Alamo Exteriors we will guide our clients through this process.  Invite us for a free consultation to introduce you to our network of manufacturers with combined experience, technology and superior craftsmanship.  All your questions will be answered after a consultation. You will be confident to choose the right windows for your home.

Vinyl Replacement WindowsAll brands deliver quality windows that will improve the beauty of your home! These replacement windows are available in multiple exterior and interior colors, as well as various styles, including double hung, bay, bow, garden, casement, picture, awning, and more.  Regardless of which style or brand of replacement windows you choose, you can have full confidence in the workmanship provided by our expert installers.


Alamo Exteriors will not disappoint you!

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Alamo Exteriors Improves The Beauty of Your House

Alamo Exteriors delivers –  See the difference, experience the benefits!

Signs That Your Need To Replace Your Windows – Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-Efficient-Windows-Money-Flying-Out-WindowInvest in Energy-Efficient Windows

One of the factors to take into consideration for replacing your home windows is energy saving.

Even when you are telling yourself your older windows “don’t look all that bad”, you might still consider making a home improvement investment and put new windows in your home especially when your energy costs are relatively high compared to houses of similar size.

Older or non-functional windows are not as efficient with energy as the newer energy-saving windows that are available nowadays. Your energy costs will decrease significantly when you have new energy efficient windows installed.

Stop throwing money out of your window,
and earn your investment in new windows back.


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Preventing Condensation on Your Windows

Condensation on Your Windows

Do you see condensation on your windows at home, especially early in the morning? Now the weather starts to cool down, it is not uncommon to see water on your windows.  There are three areas you can experience condensation: at the outside of the window, at the inside of the window, and between the glass panes of double glazing.  Let us explain every situation.

Condensation at the outside of a window.

Condensation on the outside of double-glazed windows occurs often with high efficiency windows: due to the great insulation, the inside of this window stays warm and the outside remains cold, and consequently condensation will form at the outside. This condensation is virtually impossible to avoid. However, this is fortunately NOT a problem because it is a sign of good insulation.

Condensation on the inside of the window.

This type of condensation only occurs in a single glazing window. Due to the indoor warmth, moist condenses on the cold glass pane. You can avoid this condensation by ventilating continuously. This temporary solution doesn’t prevent a high energy bill though! A more permanent, money efficient, and energy efficient solution would be to replace the windows with double-glazed windows.

Between the glass panes of double glazing

Condensation can also sit between the glass panes of the double glazing. This is caused by a leak in the glass and is often seen when the temperatures are lower: the temperature of the glass is low and moisture condenses on the cold surface. The only solution for this condensation problem is to replace the double glazing by a professional.

Do you experience condensation on your windows?

Then you will probably have recognized one of the described situations. Do you want to have more information about an affordable and aesthetic solution for your condensation problem? Don’t hesitate to call Alamo Exteriors  at (210) 372-9495 or (877) 372-9495 toll free.