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Window Protection – Environmentally Friendly Windows

Environmentally Friendly Windows

We often don’t realize it, but our windows impact birds.

Window Protection - Environmentally Friendly Windows

Windows can kill birds that are flying at great speeds into windows, because they can’t see they are there. Every year up to 1,000,000,000 birds die from flying into windows!

The following article gives a list of possibilities for improving your home or business property to reduce the chances of these window strikes by birds and protect your windows from being damaged. These range vary  from what type of glass to use to small household tips and tricks.


  • Angled Glass
  • Fritted Glass
  • Etched or Sandblasted Glass
  • UV-reflective Glass


Tips and tricks

If you want to protect our feather friends, let us advise you with which glass to choose that would be perfect for your building.

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Which home siding product should I buy for my home renovation project?

Are you wondering which home siding product to choose for your home siding renovation project? We have some recommendations for you.

Color Plus

James Hardie Home Siding ColorPlus

James Hardie offers a pre-finished home siding product called Color Plus.

This product was first introduced several years ago primarily to compete with the vinyl siding home exteriors market and has become a popular choice for homeowners. James Hardie Home Siding Color Plus offers home owners a high quality multi layered baked on finish that ensures long term color retention.

Many contractors are moving in this direction primarily to keep costs down since the finish process can be skipped thus reducing labor costs. A downside is that you are working with a finished product in a construction environment. Also, as you take on a home exteriors project with James Hardie’s Color Plus, you need to consider the fact that with any home renovation there will usually be items not completely replaced with new siding material.

Primed Plus

The old fashion way – when renovating with fiber cement home siding – is to use the Primed Plus products then add the finish. When renovating with Primed Plus, you are able to caulk first and then add your finish. Generally the entire house including renovated areas will be coated in this process. Alamo Exteriors recommends a Sherwin Williams Duration finish. Color options are limitless and the manufacture will warranty against chipping flaking or peeling. Fading becomes a concern when using low grade coatings since paint is comprised of essentially solids and water. The more solids the better the paint will be although no paint will be 100% fade proof. Darker colors tend to show fading faster than lighter colors. Price will generally reflect quality. Elastomeric coatings are not recommended since they tend to work better on products with a high expansion contraction ratio and tend to attract dust and dirt.

When you are considering your next home exteriors renovation project, make sure you contact a qualified contractor that is willing to discuss all your options and which process works best for your home.

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Alamo Exteriors Gave Our House A Rejuvenating Facelift!

We had our outside condensation filled, double-pane windows replaced by Alamo Exteriors after we were referred when I was complimenting a neighbor friend about her recently installed windows.

It has been a pleasant experience working with Alamo Exteriors. The company’s slogan, ”Treat customers with the utmost respect and provide quality service while explaining the differences between brands” aren’t just empty words.

COO Mark Belto helped us choosing the right windows for our house within our budget. He didn’t try to sell the most expensive window, but the most appropriate windows for our house.

Furthermore, I loved the excellent planning and professional follow-up. The materials were on time, and the crew was on time on the planned day of installation. Mark called us the next day – after installation and final payment – to inquire if we were pleased with the quality of the work. Which we were. It was a very pleasant surprise since our experience with other contractors had been quite the opposite.

During the installation, the crew respected our house (and especially our new hard wood floors) and our flowers and bushes in the yard. When they left the windows were clean without any difficult-to-remove caulk and the floors were vacuumed.

Last but not least, Mark mentioned that we would be pleased with the new windows because they would change the appearance of the home. He was right: we do love how the windows changed the appearance of our 30-year-old house! And although it was quite an investment, I strongly believe this home improvement increased the value of our home.

We highly recommend Alamo Exteriors!

A.P. Family – Vista Del Norte



Looking for Quality Exterior Cement Siding?

Choose James Hardie’s Quality Exterior Cement Siding!

James HardieGreat article about James Hardie quality exterior cement siding! It explains thoroughly why home owners should consider this product.

Remind yourself though when you read the article to change the word” extreme cold” into “extreme heat”. This siding is developed to keep any climate outside your house!

Some of the advantages of James Hardie Quality Exterior Cement Siding, are:

  • It is energy efficient, saving you dollars on your energy bill
  • The material is long lasting, so you will hardly have maintenance or repair costs for many years to come
  • It resists extreme climates, protecting your home; it will keep the cold and the warmth out of your home
  • It resists pests, avoiding damage to your house
  • It is budget friendly
  • It is fire resistant!
Alamo Exteriors knows from experience that this siding makes your house look beautiful. On top of all the described advantages, James Hardie’s quality exterior cement siding will add esthetic and economic value to your home here in San Antonio .

Questions? Need more info? Contact us or call us today when you are ready to replace your current siding! We can schedule an appointment and get you a custom free quote : 210-372-9495

James Hardie’s Quality Exterior Siding

Signs That Your Need To Replace Your Windows – Painting and Repair Are Impossible

When windows replacement is a more cost-effective solution than repair

Your windows are drafty, the wood is rotting,  and the paint is cracked or peeling! It might be time to get new, energy saving vinyl replacement windows.

Alamo Exteriors knows that selecting new vinyl replacement windows can be a difficult process for house owners: you might get lost in all the information that is available. At Alamo Exteriors we will guide our clients through this process.  Invite us for a free consultation to introduce you to our network of manufacturers with combined experience, technology and superior craftsmanship.  All your questions will be answered after a consultation. You will be confident to choose the right windows for your home.

Vinyl Replacement WindowsAll brands deliver quality windows that will improve the beauty of your home! These replacement windows are available in multiple exterior and interior colors, as well as various styles, including double hung, bay, bow, garden, casement, picture, awning, and more.  Regardless of which style or brand of replacement windows you choose, you can have full confidence in the workmanship provided by our expert installers.


Alamo Exteriors will not disappoint you!

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