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Signs That Your Need To Replace Your Windows – Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-Efficient-Windows-Money-Flying-Out-WindowInvest in Energy-Efficient Windows

One of the factors to take into consideration for replacing your home windows is energy saving.

Even when you are telling yourself your older windows “don’t look all that bad”, you might still consider making a home improvement investment and put new windows in your home especially when your energy costs are relatively high compared to houses of similar size.

Older or non-functional windows are not as efficient with energy as the newer energy-saving windows that are available nowadays. Your energy costs will decrease significantly when you have new energy efficient windows installed.

Stop throwing money out of your window,
and earn your investment in new windows back.


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Preventing Condensation on Your Windows

Condensation on Your Windows

Do you see condensation on your windows at home, especially early in the morning? Now the weather starts to cool down, it is not uncommon to see water on your windows.  There are three areas you can experience condensation: at the outside of the window, at the inside of the window, and between the glass panes of double glazing.  Let us explain every situation.

Condensation at the outside of a window.

Condensation on the outside of double-glazed windows occurs often with high efficiency windows: due to the great insulation, the inside of this window stays warm and the outside remains cold, and consequently condensation will form at the outside. This condensation is virtually impossible to avoid. However, this is fortunately NOT a problem because it is a sign of good insulation.

Condensation on the inside of the window.

This type of condensation only occurs in a single glazing window. Due to the indoor warmth, moist condenses on the cold glass pane. You can avoid this condensation by ventilating continuously. This temporary solution doesn’t prevent a high energy bill though! A more permanent, money efficient, and energy efficient solution would be to replace the windows with double-glazed windows.

Between the glass panes of double glazing

Condensation can also sit between the glass panes of the double glazing. This is caused by a leak in the glass and is often seen when the temperatures are lower: the temperature of the glass is low and moisture condenses on the cold surface. The only solution for this condensation problem is to replace the double glazing by a professional.

Do you experience condensation on your windows?

Then you will probably have recognized one of the described situations. Do you want to have more information about an affordable and aesthetic solution for your condensation problem? Don’t hesitate to call Alamo Exteriors  at (210) 372-9495 or (877) 372-9495 toll free.

Alamo Exteriors Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas, we at Alamo Exteriors find it “the most beautiful time of the year”. It is a great time to look back at the past year and to see the accomplishments we made with Alamo Exterior’s team.

We will continue to offer our high standard services and products to our customers with our business motto in mind

“We treat customers with the utmost
respect and provide quality service”

Therefore a thank you is in place: from all of us here at Alamo Exteriors we would like to say “Thank You” to our happy customers, our reliable vendors and our dear friends.

We wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mark Belto

– COO Alamo Exteriors

San Antonio Window Replacement Manufacturer

Top San Antonio Window Replacement Manufacturer

Alamo Exteriors is proud to feature DYC Windows and Doors as one of our top referred window replacement manufacturers.

Established in 1978 DYC has become the most recommended replacement window manufacturers in San Antonio, and all of South Texas. This Dallas based company, with dealer locations in Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock, and Oklahoma City, has been the leader in custom made replacement windows and patio doors for over 35 years.

Success in the Replacement Windows Industry

Over the course of time their product line has come to include an entry level and replacement grade vinyl frame option for your replacement windows, however their reputation was built on their PolyPour Aluminum replacement window frame design. This commercial grade window features a complete thermal separation chamber in the center of the frame that reduces the amount of frame conductivity and yet provides the stability and strength associated with aluminum. The 8200/ 8800 single hung series offers extremely low air infiltration ratios (.03 CFM).

On comparison, a typical vinyl replacement window will range from .11 CFM to .21 CFM  making the DYC five times more airtight than the industry average! All replacement units come standard issue interlocking meeting rail, “Allerguard” weatherstripping, Duralite butyl spacer, and Phifer Better View screening and 4 color selections including bronze. Pound for pound it’s hard to find a better choice when it comes to high quality replacement windows and doors. Made in Texas for our tough Texan climate.

We are proud to offer DYC Replacement Windows and Doors

Alamo Exteriors is proud of our dealer association with DYC Windows and Doors and we look forward to offering practical solutions for our San Antonio residential and commercial clients.

For a free no hassle educational consultation call  Alamo Exteriors at 210-372-9495. We have been installing Replacement Windows San Antonio Residents can count on for over 15 years, call us today!


replacement home siding

Home Improvement Projects- A Testimonial

Where to begin….the short review: My husband and I highly recommend Alamo Exteriors! They do exceptional Replacement Home Siding, work and their entire team is very easy to work with and very professional.

The details of how we found Alamo Exteriors Home Improvement Services:

We spent a lot of time trying to analyze whether to put money into our existing home or sell it and start fresh and buy a newer home. We finally decided to remodel our home. We received about 4 or 5 quotes from various home siding companies. They all had their stories to tell about what they could do for us and what it would cost us. We decided to go with Mark Belto and Alamo Exteriors. Mark explained in great detail the process by which they would install the new replacement windows, replacement siding, and our new screened-in patio.

He wasn’t the least expensive, but he wasn’t the most either. Mark was always very polite, informative, and always accessible. He even gave us his cell number and would stay in touch with us, even over holiday weekends. He came by the house regularly to check on the progress of our home improvement projects and would call us to keep us informed of the progress. He has a keen eye for detail and always made sure our requests were dealt with, and always with a sense of urgency.
In addition, all of his workers that we met were extremely polite, responsive, and easy to talk to. I was impressed by the way Mark talked to his workers as well. They all love him. He never talked down to them, but spoke with each of them as an equal when explaining what he wanted from them. They are a great team! It seemed that even with our minds made up before they began, my husband and I kept throwing little changes at them. They handled every request with grace and were very accommodating. I’ve always heard that home remodeling projects take their toll on couples but I have to say that this was the best experience I’ve ever had. They handled our home improvement projects as if it were their own. They did a magnificent job!

I would recommend them to anyone and I would use them over and over again! I can honestly say that we did not have one single “encounter” during the entire home improvement makeover. They are THE BEST!  -Debbie, San Antonio, Texas

We appreciate the feedback on our Replacement Siding Services

Thank you Debbie for your kind comments and compliments. We greatly appreciate the testimonial on our services and are so happy that we had the opportunity to work on your Home Improvement Project.

Alamo Exteriors has been servicing San Antonio and surrounding areas with their home improvement projects for years. We provide detailed and thorough services in Replacement Home Siding, Replacement Windows and Patios. If you are preparing for your next home improvement project call Alamo Exteriors for a free no hassle, no obligation quote. Call 210-372-9495!